Retreat Testimonies

Jeff and Julie Van Winkle

Attended Retreat 2020

First of all , God be the Glory! Our weekend at the Becoming One Marriage Retreat was amazing. When we arrived, we were welcomed with open arms, we got to meet some amazing people and servants of God. From the first night we felt like family and was so blessed to be a part of this new family. We talked and laughed, we listened and even shed a tear or two.   As a couple we were able to grow together and also learn from others.  Even months later we still feel a connection with everyone.

Blessings Jeff and Julie VanWinkle

Lenny and Dawn Thibo

Attended  many Retreats  2010--2020

My husband and I celebrated our 10th anniversary this past July. We are a middle aged couple; with me previously being single for 20 yrs (after a divorce), and his former wife passing away, it was quite an adjustment for both of us. When the opportunity came to attend Couples Retreat we signed up, thinking "we are sure to be the oldest couple there". We might have been, I don't recall, but we signed up every year after that, for the first seven years. The facility we stayed in was so 'quaint' and clean, and some of the best desserts you will ever taste! There were games, challenges, questionnaires, topics, worship, sharing, etc. There was also some (alone time) intense moments that cause you to soul search, to be

open and honest with your spouse, to be transparent. This isn't meant to be fearful or intimidating, but to be the best spouse God intends you to be. We stepped back for a couple years, for several reasons; lost interest in going, just didn't feel like it was a 'good fit' for us anymore, busy working and just wanted to

stay home, didn't need to spend the money, etc, etc. Of course looking back, this was all Satan!!!! Why would he want us to go to a Marriage Retreat? Why would he want us to work on our marriage? Why would he want us to draw closer to each other? Let alone closer to God? Shame on us!


This past Jan 2020, we were asked to go. We didn't come up with all the thoughts or reasons like we had from the last couple years, we actually would have liked to make it happen. However, it wasn't a good time financially for us. My husbands business had gone from having a crew of 12, renting a warehouse, having four vehicles on the road, to working from home, and one employee. I still worked, but didn't come close to making enough to cover all our costs/expenses. We cut every extra thing we could, from cable, to monthly Amazon membership, to even withdrawing from our $20 monthly donation to K-Love. We aren't, and weren't living above our 'means', or high maintenance people at all. We knew we just couldn't (financially) make it happen. We were approached again, by Pastor Lisa, telling us she really wanted us to go...AND it was "taken care of". We were both very touched, but also reluctant, because WE were the ones that helped people, we gave to others in need, we sponsored a family at Christmas. That was just

us! It's what we did! We thoroughly enjoyed it! We talked about it, felt at peace about going, confirmed with Pastor Lisa that we would go. She was thrilled!

You never know before retreat what the topic/theme will be, what the weekend will specifically look like, etc. We know WHO will be there based on a prayer list that is put out, to pray for those couples attending. This last retreat there were several names we were unfamiliar with, which can bring some reluctance, especially when it comes to 'sharing time', but that didn't detour us from going. I don't know what else to say, other than God was in it! Little did we know that at one of our 'sessions' Pastor Lisa would speak transparently about a situation with her and her husband, in their early years of marriage, where they were in a bad way financially. She shared what they went through, how it was for them, and

also that it was something she didn't commonly speak about, and most people didn't know. Coincidence? I think not!!! My husband and I were in tears. There were several other couples that were in their second marriage. Odd, for a (church based) Couples Retreat? Not at all ! We all have a past. We all have a story. Would you believe that three other women shared about their past marriages, and

the abuse they endured? Would you believe that they spoke about how their former spouse belittled them? Could you imagine listening to them share about how their self worth, self-esteem, worth as a human being, was damaged? Would you believe that they felt mentally and emotionally? I could! I was one of those. Coincidence? Not a chance! God thing? You better believe it! If you have the opportunity to attend one of these retreats, don't second guess, don't put it off, don't play into the distractions and lies of Satan. GO!!!!! You won't regret it. You won't be disappointed.

Brad and Sara Sturgeon

Attended Retreat 2020

We were very excited to attend our first marriage retreat this past January 2020 Our son was 14 months old and we had not really had any time alone together since he was born. A couple from our small group kindly offered to watch him for the weekend.  The accommodations, food and atmosphere were amazing. We had a good time getting to know other couples as well as have time to ourselves. The teaching was relatable and genuine. Pastor Lisa and Phillip do a wonderful job of leading this time of worship, learning and being together.

Riley and Jess Hodge

Attended Retreat 2019 and 2020

The Becoming One Marriage Retreat has become one of the highlights of our year!  The opportunity to unplug, recharge, and reconnect with each other is like no other.  Watching God show up and work in and through your marriage and the others present is the BEST part!  The 2020 Retreat was dominated by the Holy Spirit, who led us in spontaneous prayer times that left me in awe.  The fun and friendship with other God-loving couples was a bonus.   The Retreat is the perfectly balanced weekend with just enough worship, teaching, discussion, free time, and couple time.  Don't miss out!  Make the next Becoming One Retreat a priority in your schedule.  You won't be sorry!

Landon and Kara DeCrastos

Attended Retreat 2017

At the Marriage Enrichment retreat, we truly grew closer together as a couple. The atmosphere, accommodations, and fellow couples that attended set the stage for not only a wonderful time, but opened the opportunity to deepen our relationship with God and each other. We are truly grateful for the chance to relax, learn, and focus.

Allan and Dunia Moso

Attended  numerous Retreats from 2015--2018

We were really excited to attend the marriage retreat for the 3rd time but two days before it started our family experience a winter storm which unfortunately made it not safe for them to travel and help take care of our kids. We almost didn't go but God provided us with a great friend who was available at a short notice to come and baby sit for us. This was the first time we let someone else besides family to stay with our kids so we were very apprehensive but knew that God wanted us to be at the retreat.  As we were leaving town, we had several issues - forgotten stuff, spilled gas over our clothes and last minute preparations for the kids. But we manage to get there. While there we discovered that we needed not only the rest as we've dealt with running around with 2 little kids, but also the spiritual recharge and the time with each other. The main testimony shared and the date night time were a huge blessing to us. It was nice to know that God took care of all the things that we worried about and granted us a time to invest in our marriage relationship! We are definitely looking forward to the next retreat!

Terry and Janice Thomas

Attended Retreat 2015

We attended our very first marriage retreat in 2015. The atmosphere was filled with love and acceptance. As we were in our private times set aside to work on our relationship, we identified areas that we need to change. We are still working on those changes today. The retreat was a very positive experience for us.            

Tim and Ashley McGuffin

Attended Retreat 2017

We loved the time for fun and learning from other couples who have been where we've been and getting to know members of our church in a fun and relaxing environment.

Jack and Holly Williams

Attended numerous Retreats 2015-2020

The marriage retreat is meaningful to us because it is something intentional we can do for our marriage. We are reminded of the simple but important things we each need to do to improve communication to make our marriage a priority. The weekend away is also a great way to connect with other couples we may not have otherwise had a chance to get to know. Everyone is in different stages of life, so we can really learn from each other.